11 Your Calling According to the Zodiac

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A BIRTH CHART can give a person a great indication about the type of work that will be most fulfilling and will best complement a person’s unique talents and abilities. It cannot, however, tell you exactly what career path to take, so it’s best to see it as the opening up of possibilities.

In this chapter, we’ll take a close look at ideal careers and personal profiles as they relate to those careers for each sign of the zodiac. There will be suggested careers for each sign, but please use them as a springboard to other possibilities. For example, a photographer might be a suggestion based on the career indicators in the chart, such as a Gemini midheaven, but if the chart has a heavy eighth-house emphasis as well, the person might be drawn to boudoir photography due to the deeper themes and soul challenges of that style of photography.

To get a clear picture of the career best suited for you, you must look beyond your sun sign-I suggest looking at the sign on the midheaven or cusp of the 10th house in the natal chart and then looking at the sign and house placement of the ruler of that sign to give a deeper picture of what kind of work would suit you best. A deeper reading would also look at the sixth house, to see what daily type of work would suit your personality best, alongside element and modality emphasis, stelliums in a sign, and aspects. In other words, the whole chart must be considered to get an in-depth vocational analysis. In that vein, I will give examples of famous sun-sign individuals-but we are more than our sun sign alone, so please take all of this into account when interpreting your own chart.

Aries at Work

Aries are best suited to careers where they take the lead or work independently, preferably starting new projects with others to whom they can delegate to finish what they started. Aries like fast-moving and competitive environments where their natural enthusiasm will not be dampened. Aries are usually bold and up for any challenge, prepared to take risks, and have a no-nonsense attitude. They are the fearless straight shooters of the world.

Firefighter, surgeon, emergency medical technician, art director, public relations professional, military or law enforcement officer, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, free climber, tour guide, CrossFit instructor or sports coach, athlete, metal sculptor, mechanic, hunter, silver-or other metalsmith, and chef would all be ideal careers for an Aries.

The Aries boss can be inspiring, energetic, and a born leader. You will be left with no doubt how the boss feels about your work, whether that be the highest praise or the rudest and most direct criticism. There is no vindictiveness; the Aries boss is just direct to a fault. The Aries boss dislikes overthinking and expects everyone to put a lot of energy into their work and to complete projects quickly. They also enjoy admiration and respect but can see through any fake flattery in an instant.

Aries employees can be the hardest working and most dynamic employees if you don’t try to keep them in a rigid routine or stuck at a desk. If your Aries employees feel bored, they will probably move on. They work best when they are given autonomy and are answerable to as few people as possible. If given the freedom to take ownership of their own schedule and way of working, they will be the most productive and dynamic employees.

The Aries coworker isn’t really the best at coworking unless you are happy to let them take the lead and do their own thing. They are competitive and like to be first, so they will not react well if their coworkers make their way up the ladder before they do. However, if you are happy to let them lead, they can be full of zest and very inspiring.

Well-known Aries People

Lady Gaga, Elton John, Tommy Hilfiger, and Jackie Chan were all born under the sign of Aries.

Taurus at Work

Taurus are best suited to careers that give them stability and security. Taurus individuals are loyal and tenacious but can also be stubborn and ponderous. They also love the good things in life: good food, beautiful and comfortable surroundings, and nature.

Taurus love the tangible things of life and, therefore, love to work with the tangible. This means things that they can touch, see, smell, hear, and taste.

Good careers for Taurus are banker, cashier, financier, mortgage officer, singer, farmer, real estate professional, interior designer, podiatrist, reflexologist, florist, gardener, landscaper, jeweler, beauty blogger, brand ambassador, wine maker, chef, landscape photographer, executive assistant, and restaurant manager.

The Taurus boss is a builder and will persistently expand and grow whatever business or field they work in. They are probably the most patient boss of all and they like a harmonious and peaceful environment. As such, they are usually not reactive over small issues. Really big issues, however, can turn the Taurus into a raging bull, but the Taurus boss will usually give the employee a chance to rectify mistakes before losing their cool.

Since the Taurus boss likes solidity and stable outcomes, they usually will be tolerant of those needing extra time to do something well rather than demand it be completed in a rush. They love employees who are disciplined and careful in their approach.

The Taurus employee is reliable, steadfast, and trustworthy. They have a soothing presence around the workplace and don’t get thrown off by crisis-in fact, a crisis can bring out the best in them as they calmly deal with a situation.

The Taurus coworker is also pleasant to be around, though their ponderous pace can frustrate some faster moving people, as can their resistance to change. However, they are likely to bring good snacks into the workplace, so if you would like a treat, they are good to connect with. They are also fabulous at helping self-starters finish projects.

Well-known Taurus People

George Clooney, Stevie Wonder, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kenan Thompson, Sam Smith, and Kristen Stewart were all born under the sign of Taurus.

Gemini at Work

The chatty, curious, and mercurial nature of Gemini means that that they are best suited to careers that give them lots of opportunities to keep learning new information and meeting with lots of people. They are not lovers of routine or sitting still for long. Geminis are persuasive, generally great speakers, youthful, and love multitasking. They enjoy fast-paced environments.

Careers that would suit Gemini individuals are scientist, advertising agent, journalist, writer, teacher, accountant, computer programmer, engineer, project manager, media analyst, communications specialist, interpreter, transportation worker, driver, storyteller, entertainer, radio or podcast host, blogger, photographer, tutor, guide, personal assistant, salesperson, or TV host.

A Gemini boss can be difficult to work for due to their restless and unpredictable nature. They will constantly be on the move. They work best when all routine tasks are delegated, and they are left to deal with ideas and abstract projects and schemes. Change is a constant with the Gemini boss and they tend to notice everything that’s going on.

Gemini bosses are hugely likeable, however, as they have a great sense of humor and are very gregarious-but they are generally quite emotionally detached and won’t want to get too involved in any emotional dramas among employees. To more staid employees, working for a Gemini boss can feel like a ball of confusion, but they are not the confused ones. If you can live with the changeability and fast pace, you will have fun with this boss.

A Gemini employee does not like being confined in any way and will become very agitated if they feel hemmed in, which will make them ineffective. Although they seem to be absentminded, they really do soak up information and will get the job done. This is especially true if their natural skills are utilized. They are also likely to negotiate raises easily, as they will always have a good argument as to why they deserve it.

As a coworker, Gemini will be a lot of fun-but very distracting, as their mind flits from one subject to another often. They will talk circles around everyone they work with but will be the life and soul of the workplace and will probably organize work parties or events.

Well-known Gemini People

Marilyn Monroe, Paul McCartney, Harvey Milk, Venus Williams, Aung San Suu Kyi, Laverne Cox, and Boy George were all born under the sign of Gemini.

Cancer at Work

Cancer individuals are adaptable and a nurturing presence. They are best suited to careers involving looking after people or homes in some way. They are also traditional and love anything to do with heritage and sentiment. Their emotional connection to their career is important, or they are likely to become emotional and maybe even irrational. They are usually good with finances.

Good career ideas for Cancer are nurse, pediatrician or OB-GYN, counseling, business manager, home stager, real estate buyers’ agent, archaeologist, historian, caterer, baker, nutritionist, dietitian, professional organizer, feng shui practitioner, teacher, chef, content manager, branding expert, website designer, social worker, or merchandiser.

Cancer bosses are strict about work ethics and quite devoted to whatever profession or business they are in. Employees will be rewarded for good effort in their jobs, but any slacking or bad timekeeping will be frowned upon. Cancer’s own needs for financial security make the workplace a serious arena, so if you have a Cancer boss, a careful and sincere approach to all that you do will work best.

Cancer employees work for financial security mainly and, therefore, take a serious approach to their career and are very diligent. They do expect to be rewarded for their diligence with decent pay raises; if they are, they will stay in the role for a long time. Cancer will also be aiming to climb up the ladder. The biggest downside is that if a Cancer has any emotional problems in their life, they will find it hard to keep that separate from work.

Cancer coworkers are natural team players and are usually kind and caring to those they work with. However, they need a stress-free work environment-if things get chaotic, so do their emotions.

Well-known Cancer People

Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, George Michael, Missy Elliott, Michael Flatley, and Danny Glover were all born under the sign of Cancer.

Leo at Work

Leo loves being in the spotlight and is the royal of the zodiac, or at least that’s how they expect to be treated. Leos are, however, full of heart and are passionate, playful, creative, and entertaining. As they are natural leaders, they are best suited to careers that put them in that position or doing something where they can shine their enormous light.

Examples of good Leo careers are actor, DJ, graphic designer, advertising agent, comedian, broadcaster, CEO, government worker, architect, director, event planner, media strategist, vlogger, model, product promoter, sales executive, jeweler, artist, or children’s entertainer.

The Leo boss is born to lead and will let everyone know it. Leo is a good organizer and is smart about assigning tasks to a team. They are also open to new ideas but not always good at crediting those who came up with the idea. Leos generally create quite a showy environment to work in, and this can be a lot of fun if you always let them be the boss. Never try to outshine a Leo boss because they are very proud and may react like a child if thwarted.

As an employee, Leo will require a lot of ego stroking and lots of compliments and attention. They also respond well to titles and status. If you ignore them, however, they will be deeply hurt and will not respond well. They must have a position that displays their talents-when they do, their loyalty and pride in their work is immense.

If you are genuine around a Leo coworker, they will be loyal to you in the workplace. They do tend to feel they rule the workplace, though, so it’s expedient to let them believe they do. When a Leo’s pride and heart is hurt, they often display childlike behavior and can pout, but when a Leo is happy, they light up the room and are benevolent to everyone around them. It benefits everyone to show admiration and to compliment the Leo boss because they will return the love to all their employees.

Well-known Leo People

Madonna, Magic Johnson, Anna Paquin, Whitney Houston, and Demi Lovato were all born under the sign of Leo.

Virgo at Work

Virgos are best suited to careers that utilize their critical and analytical skills. They are drawn to working with their hands, using their hand-eye coordination through technical skills. Highly organized and detail oriented, they are also drawn to careers that feel meaningful and useful to the greater good. In other words, they like to be of service to others and will pursue any career to the point of perfection.

Ideal careers for Virgo are accountant, nutritionist or dietitian, researcher, critic, data analyst, statistician, auditor, housekeeper, organizer, investigator, investor, technician, sculptor, web designer, fashion designer, 3D modeler, computer engineer, veterinarian, welder, herbalist, receptionist, psychologist, psychiatrist, bookkeeper, librarian, bank clerk, medical researcher, editor, technical writer, inspector, or engineer.

The Virgo boss will notice every detail and may have a tendency to micromanage, as they want everything to be done to their standard of perfection. They will put a lot of time into planning and forethought before making decisions, but that can sometimes mean that they don’t have the perspective of the bigger picture. Virgos are their own biggest critic in all situations. Even though the Virgo boss has very high standards, they are not authoritarian, and they are excellent at crisis management because, like most earth signs, they are patient.

As an employee, Virgo lacks ego gratification and wants to serve, but they do have a sense of fairness, so they will need to be compensated fairly and they are likely to hold you to every detail of an employment contract. As Virgos tend to be worriers, their focus on those details reflects any worries they have about not being financially stable and independent. Put them in a position that utilizes their attention to detail and you and your company will be rewarded well.

Virgo coworkers are caretakers and will help more slapdash coworkers attend to the details-but that can come across as critical and nitpicking at times. They can also come across as anxious and stressed when the details aren’t being taken care of. If you need an ibuprofen or some other medicine, however, your Virgo coworker will likely have it on hand because they have a keen interest in all aspects of health. They are likely to have lots of to-do lists.

Well-known Virgo People

Beyoncé, Pink, Keanu Reeves, Stephen Fry, Lily Tomlin, and Mother Teresa were all born under the sign of Virgo.

Libra at Work

Librans love peace, harmony, and balance and work best in an atmosphere that reflects that energy. They are also people-oriented and love to interact with others and form relationships, so they don’t really enjoy working alone. They also enjoy any career that involves creating fairness.

Ideal careers for Libra are artist, human resources (HR) manager, mediator, diplomat, makeup artist or hairstylist, graphic designer, lawyer, matchmaker, fashion designer, guidance counselor, negotiator, event planner, nurse, business administrator, quality control officer, musician, politician, creative advertising agent, liberal arts professor, social worker, or labor relations officer.

The Libra boss would be better working in partnership than alone, but either way they will run a fair and just organization, treating everyone equally in all respects. Constant attempts to please everyone can make the Libra appear indecisive and vacillating. They don’t enjoy aggressive and argumentative employees and will be impressed by those who take care of their appearance and play nice.

The Libra employee brings their calming presence into any work situation and will be a paragon of tact and diplomacy, getting along with almost everyone as long as the environment isn’t loud and contentious. They are ambitious, will want deserved promotions, and, being an air, day sign, like to be given tasks that will use their intellectual capabilities.

The Libra coworker is gracious, clever, and tends to be friends with everyone. They will not take sides in heated discussions and do often take things personally, but they are likely to be kind to your face to keep a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace.

Well-known Libra People

Serena Williams, Martina Navratilova, Oscar Wilde, Will Smith, Bruno Mars, and Cardi B were all born under the sign of Libra.

Scorpio at Work

Scorpio is a deep and complex sign that will work best in environments where their almost obsessive tendencies allow them to dive deeply into their work. As they are very private people, they work well alone and won’t be drawn into small talk and chatting at the water cooler.

Careers that will suit a Scorpio are psychotherapist, surgeon, detective, researcher, engineer, forensics scientist, financial advisor, market analyst, bill collector, investigator, politician, political analyst, mortician, medical examiner, fertility specialist, sex therapist, chemist, shamanic healer, boudoir photographer, or undertaker.

The Scorpio boss is intense and can be intimidating, as they have a penetrative presence and can see the motivations of others, and they will use that ability to their advantage. The Scorpio boss will not immediately trust their employees but once they do, they reward deserving and talented people. Their lack of trust can create issues with delegating tasks, which can reduce productivity on the team.

The Scorpio employee keeps to themselves, is very poised, and oozes inner confidence. They are the most resourceful, single-minded, and self-motivated workers, but they are likely to be quite intimidating to both employers and employees. They are best allocated to a deep and intensive project that will allow them to stay in their zone and work alone.

The Scorpio coworker has a strong presence and insight into the psyche of their coworkers. Their natural listening abilities mean that others will share their deepest issues with the Scorpio but will learn little about them in return. Because they are so diligent, they make decent coworkers if you don’t expect anything light and fluffy.

Well-known Scorpio People

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jodie Foster, Drake, Whoopi Goldberg, Tim Cook, RuPaul, and Julia Roberts were all born under the sign of Scorpio.

Sagittarius at Work

Sagittarians are naturally curious, upbeat, adventurous, and best suited to a career that gives them the freedom to explore either physically or mentally. Roles where their naturally philosophical nature can shine and where they are constantly exploring new realms will also be fulfilling for them.

Sagittarians are suited to careers such as theologian, yoga teacher, publisher, travel guide, travel agent, interpreter, lawyer, judge, professor, high school teacher, ambassador, athlete (especially equestrian), entrepreneur, hotel manager, marketer, salesperson, missionary, architect, archaeologist, public relations manager, personal trainer, brand ambassador, or travel blogger.

The Sagittarius boss is fun to work for and cool to be around. They are very easygoing, and their thirst for knowledge and new experiences will give employees opportunities to expand their own field of knowledge. The one downside is the notorious Sagittarius foot-in-mouth syndrome, and they may offend those around them with their blunt and unthinking honesty.

As employees, their positive outlook is refreshing and their enthusiasm and self-confidence can rub off on other employees. They will question everything they are told, however, as they don’t like being told “that’s just how it’s done,” and their forthright honesty can be ill-received. Generally, their brilliant mind and keen approach wins out.

A Sagittarius coworker is a joy to have around if you can keep up with them. They usually have a wry sense of humor and love to make others laugh-and they also love a good debate. They tend to want to lift those around them up, however, which makes them good to work with.

Well-known Sagittarius People

Taylor Swift, Billie Jean King, Nicki Minaj, Raven-Symoné, Gianni Versace, and Jamie Foxx were all born under the sign of Sagittarius.

Capricorn at Work

Capricorns are real builders; they love to create something solid and lasting, whether that be a building, a career, or a business. They are best suited to an environment that enables them to utilize their strong work ethic and are both entrepreneurial and corporate in nature because Capricorns enjoy structure and established hierarchies.

Careers that suit the Capricorn are accountant, professional organizer, teacher, cashier, orthopedic doctor, financial planner, computer programmer, CEO, copywriter, business analyst, architect, consultant, analyst, customer service manager, legal secretary, jeweler, construction worker, electrician, human resources manager, supply chain manager, dentist, or forest management professional.

The Capricorn boss is dedicated, hardworking, and completely focused on building their career or business. You might find the Capricorn boss so focused on work that they work long hours, often to the detriment of any fun or enjoyment in their lives. The Capricorn boss can manage a team very effectively and is also good at managing difficult clients and crisis situations. Serious and hardworking team members impress the Capricorn boss.

The Capricorn employee is probably the hardest working person in the organization and will be so without any fuss and drama. As such, the Capricorn will be reserved and businesslike, follow the rules of the workplace, and doggedly climb the ladder.

As a coworker, Capricorn is likely to make sure everyone is doing their job correctly and will frown on any coworkers who are bad timekeepers or sloppy in their approach. They are also likely to be the first to agree to overtime and are very dependable, as well as generous with their time and assistance to coworkers.

Well-known Capricorn People

David Bowie, Ricky Martin, Denzel Washington, Ellen DeGeneres, Betty White, and Mary J. Blige were all born under the sign of Capricorn.

Aquarius at Work

Aquarians are the nonconformists of the zodiac and are not the best rule followers, so are best suited to an environment that utilizes their innovative and quirky nature. They are also the humanitarians of the zodiac, so if they feel their career is helping a cause of some kind they will feel more fulfilled. They often operate at a very high mental level, so they are happiest using their mind.

Aquarian careers are astrologer, astronomer, computer programmer, inventor, professor, environmental engineer, political strategist, judge, social worker, toxicologist, actor, project manager, researcher, physiotherapist, personal trainer, data analyst, environmental planner, poet, musician, electrician, x-ray technician, technical advisor, auto worker, aerospace engineer, neurologist, or hypnotherapist.

The Aquarius boss will be a reformer and innovator and will like to create new ways of doing things-they will also be open to your innovative ideas. This boss likes intellect and is distant emotionally so they will not enjoy emotional dramas in the workplace. As this person is so independent in thought and life, they are often found working alone rather than running a team.

The Aquarian employee will have a lot of friends but few deep friendships, and they will draw the team around them. They are also likely to appear absentminded and to be quite forgetful of mundane details, as their mind is constantly connecting dots about how things work in the bigger scheme of things. They are, however, conscientious, loyal, and quirky.

The Aquarius coworker is always interesting and interested in you at an intellectual level. Expect them to want to have intellectual conversations and to be really friendly. They might also try to convert you to their latest humanitarian cause. They are compassionate but will want to do something active rather than soothe others emotionally.

Well-known Aquarius People

Alicia Keys, Alice Walker, Justin Timberlake, Harry Styles, Michael Jordan, and Oprah Winfrey were all born under the sign of Aquarius.

Pisces at Work

Pisceans are the dreamers and creatives of the zodiac and are best suited to careers that allow them to flow intuitively and creatively and change direction when the mood takes them. The corporate world isn’t generally a fit for them unless they work in a creative capacity, because the nuts and bolts of business are not generally their forte.

Careers that suit the Pisces native are psychic, medium, artist, home decorator, social worker, nonprofit worker, counselor, nurse, physical therapist, filmmaker, musician, health educator, photographer, energy healer, caretaker, pharmacology, fiction writer, podiatrist, anesthetist, advertising executive, physicist, jailer, poet, actor, recruiter, or diver.

Piscean bosses are best when working in creative industries, as they are soft and gentle, not good at leading and giving instructions. Forceful employees will challenge the Piscean boss, but they work well if their team believes in their vision and intuitive insights.

Pisces employees must be in a career that suits their sensitive soul. Noisy, challenging, and fast-moving environments will make the Pisces employee miserable. If a Pisces individual works in a calm environment, they will work dutifully. Pisceans’ naturally empathic nature makes them best suited to small teams, and they will need to protect themselves from the emotions of everyone around them.

Well-known Pisces People

Rihanna, Ellen Page, Wanda Sykes, Jon Hamm, Trevor Noah, George Harrison, and Steve Jobs were all born under the sign of Pisces.

Astrological Signs of the Rich and Famous

Reading the Forbes top 100 list of highest paid entertainers for 2018, it’s fun to look at which signs best combine talent and wealth-building abilities.

Taurus celebrities topped the list with 12.68 percent of the top 100 born under the sign. This is not surprising, since Taurus natives are usually good at wealth building. George Clooney, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Jerry Seinfeld are included in this list.

Sagittarians are the least likely entertainers to be included on the list with only 2.7 percent in the top 100. Sagittarians tend to value experience over money, and that may be why there are fewer on the list. Scarlett Johansson and Jay-Z are two of the Sagittarians on the list.

On the Forbes list of billionaires, there were 27 Librans topping the list. Librans are usually very good in business. Ralph Lauren and Alice Walton are included here.

Perhaps surprisingly, since Capricorn is generally an ambitious and hardworking sign, only eight billionaires were born under the sign of Capricorn. Jeff Bezos is on this list.